Adorn Maxima Dining Table

Adorn Maxima Dining Table is handcrafted in American oak with each leg adorned with unique timber patterns and details.

“With Adorn, I have drawn upon inspiration from my love of fashion and jewellery. I have focused on combining elements from fashion such as ruffled fabric details, covered buttons, delicate brooches and transferring them into furniture design, crafting pieces that not only serve their functional purpose but also add a touch of elegance reminiscent of jewellery's allure." - Wilhelmina McCarroll, Design Director

Dimensions & Price:

  • MAX200A 2400 w x 1200 d x 730 high (mm)

  • MAX200B 2700 w x 1200 d x 730 high (mm)

  • MAX200C 3000 w x 1200 d x 730 high (mm)

  • MAX200D 3600 w x 1200 d x 730 high (mm)


Download (PDF)